Nothing but my thoughts


Was recently looking back on an old photo-shoot from a few years ago that my sisters friend took of us and gained so much inspiration by it. We (my sisters and I) volunteered as models to help out with her photography class. If I remember correctly the concept had something to do with disney princesses? Thus we all wore fancy dresses. Even though it was in the middle of winter and we froze half to death! Part of the shoot was in a wooded area next to a creek and the other in a little cemetery. Have a lot of great memories from then~

It just got me thinking that I hope someday I’ll be able to take photos like this. I’m finally taking a photography class this school year and am hoping I can learn a lot from it! And we’re going to use film to so finally I can learn how to develop it! (Have this irrational love for film lol)

(I’m the one in the dark dress)

I was hoping I could find more photos but I don’t know where we put them all…


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