There and back again

The past three days were spent blissfully in the city of Vancouver for a Josh Groban concert! I’m not the biggest fan of him but he is good, and it gave me an excuse to go to Vancouver (which is always nice!) and see a concert (which I’m addicted too)! The concert turned out better then expected and was quite entertaining. I never knew JG was such a comedian! Spent the entire time either laughing or just being in pure awe of his voice.

I have to say though that my favorite part of Vancouver is simply the food! I ate so many sweets I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat again!

This place had the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life! Red velvet with cream cheese icing was my personal favorite.

These were from Granville Island. So many other delicious foods there it would take you a whole week to discover them all!

Other then being a Glutton while in Van it gave me time to mull over if I actually wanted to go to University there and the answer is, yes! I fell in love with the city (all over again) and I know its the place for me!

Feeling very content with life right now.


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