And the world still turns

School started last Tuesday and I can’t believe its only been four days.  Already I am exhausted by classes! Even though I haven’t received a huge workload yet just the changes that are being made in my school leave everyone, including the teachers, feeling confused.

Recently my school changed from a Linear timetable to a semestered one but because the students fought the change so much we still have some classes linear. I am pretty positive we are the only high school to ever do this and now I know why!  First day of school everyone was running around without a clue of how to do things! Now that we have settled in somewhat I am hoping things will calm down.

Another reason teachers don’t know whats going on within the school is because they’re on strike. They’re calling it “work action” right now because they haven’t actually walked out of their jobs yet but I’m afraid it may come to that. At this point they’re teaching their classes but they refuse to do anything extra such as go to staff meetings, see administration ect. We might not even get our report cards this term! My Psych AP teacher said that if they go on strike even missing a week of school could really mess everything up! He has a plan B if this does happen but I’m really worried about the AP exam at the end of the year if they do walk out. I don’t think I can afford missing school…

So to sum everything up this first week has been very stressful with all the changes taking place! They also got rid of provincial exams so that really messed a lot of things up as well. Very frustrated with this province and school district right now!


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