“Hurry up and wait”

This past Saturday I was privileged enough to be an extra for a movie filming at my school, Flicka 3! I haven’t seen the other two so can only really say that its about horses but It was a great experience none the less.

Being an extra is an interesting thing because you do get to see how the crew works behind the scenes but also you need A LOT of patience. We worked over a 10hr day and half of it was sitting around waiting to be called for the next scene. And then once you get placed within the scene you have to wait between each take. Plus they do a few rehearsals to make sure everything is tip top, and then they might switch people around, etc, etc. Like the crew told us afterwords, “the film industry is pretty much just ‘hurry up and wait.” But while we were waiting the Director came up to each of us and introduced himself and shook our hand, I thought that was very kind of him! Especially because there were 50 or more of us!

Since we were filming at school all of the scenes (I was in) were walking into the school, standing with a group of friends, and then walking back and forth down the hallway. Funny thing though is that you have to mime act! No talking is aloud at all so your just mouthing ridiculous things to everyone, its hilarious! I have to say it was a lot of fun and I would definitely love to be an extra again if I ever get the chance.

But the best thing about being an extra is you get paid for doing almost nothing, and the food! They gave us so much food, it was great! I realized that grade 12s are vultures when it comes to anything edible, as soon as we saw them carrying some in everyone would dash for it. Pretty amusing though! And they had delicious catering, I could easily survive off of it all!

I think the most amusing thing though was they changed all of the flags at our school from Canadian to American ones! So apparently this film definitely takes place in the US then lol.

Can’t wait to have more fun experiences, such as this in my grade 12 year!


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