Disconnected from the world

The past three days have been spent with no internet, cable or phone. And  it was actually very peaceful. Sure I still went to school but once home it felt as though we were completely disconnected from the world.

It allowed me to focus on more important things such as where I want to go for university, and just my homework in general. I rather enjoyed it. There were no outside interferences and it was so quiet! It made me realize just how much time I spend on the computer, and its rather a scary thought. People now, I think, are to dependent on technology for entertainment that when there is none around we don’t know what to do. So now I am looking for better ways to entertain myself! It even made me realize that I really don’t hang out wit my friends a enough… a lot of great things to catch up on in my last year of high school so better start now rather than later!


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