In the midst

Leading Lines

Unusual angle

Leading Looks

Selective Focus

Overall not the happiest with this project as I know I could do way better. I think perhaps the shorter days is coming is affecting my photography. Or just making me lazier in general hehe

I am very happy with my photography class and am so grateful I get the chance to try something like this but there is one thing I absolutely hate, my classmates. Its only a few of them but every day they come into class and bitch about the teacher and all the projects we have to do. Sayings its too much work and we should have a break, etc, etc.  In my opinion its really unfair. At the beginning of the year the teacher said that we would have a project due every week so if you can’t handle that then just drop the class! I am so tired of having to hear their whining.

Other than that my school year is going great! I am so happy with all my classes and am really looking forward to all the coming grad events! Today we had a lock down drill but me and my friends were having a spare so we weren’t in a class. When the announcement came on we all just kind of froze like… “what are we supposed to do?” Then one of the vice principles came of the office with a walkie talkie and pointed it at us saying, “Pretend its a gun!” So rather amusing point in my day seeing that!


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