The magic of fall and friends

Spent almost all day yesterday with a group of friends having a great time taking part in a random photo-shoot. This is the second time we’ve planned just a random photo-shoot to have fun with.  Its awesome to be able to just hang out with everyone and have a good time. In the end it doesn’t really matter if the photos turn out good or not (even though we hope they do; but there are a lot of derpy ones too!) as its just fun to laugh over how ridiculous they may turn out! Really had a great time and am hoping we can do it again soon, maybe with more people as well!

I was the photographer for most of it so didn’t get many pics of myself, but here are my favorites from everyone:

Megan, Madi, and Arianna




Later on in the day we decided to go to the pumpkin patch to hang out. We ended up walking through a corn maze in the rain and mud while eating crackers and cheese, because we’re classy like that ;)

Being Stealthy…

Spider, pumpkin, hay bale thing!


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