Looking forward

I am stressed.

Its almost hard for me to admit that because  I tell everyone that there is no need to add that much stress into your life, its all in your head, you just need to take things calmly as they come. But here I am absolutely, positively stressed. And its not even for the homework and assignments I am receiving in school now but for where I want to go for university.

In fact, I honestly have no reason to really be stressed because I have made up my mind as to where I want to go but its my family that is giving me problems. I want to go to UBC in Vancouver but they keep insisting to stay here and go to Uni because it would be cheaper in the long run and I wouldn’t have to stay in a dorm, etc, etc. I know that everyone says that you shouldn’t listen to your family about this kind of decision and do what makes you happy, and I honestly believed that too, but when it comes down to reality and you are faced with this its really hard to just ignore and go against what they say. I made up my mind a long time ago that I wanted to go to UBC but they keep insisting that it would be better to stay here. It would honestly be better for me to leave now rather than later because I know once I graduate university I would have to move out of this city anyways. There is no way that for what profession I want to go into that there will be any jobs here. I’m trying to look at my future in the long run, I mean sure you can’t predict whats going to happen but you can at least try and visualize what may or may not happen.

So when it comes down to it I am trying to look at it both ways and please everyone.

Hopefully I am happy with my decision as well.


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