Something new

I keep telling everyone that I am going to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go but to no avail; I am just too forgetful of a person! Whenever I go out I always see random things that I’ll want to capture but I never have my camera with me… I suppose I should just never take it out of my bag. Or turn grabbing my camera as I dash out the door into a good habit. Whatever works first!

Because I am so forgetful that I never have my camera with me, thus I never have any pictures to share, I decided to try something new; a photo challenge! This way I am able to show old pictures without feeling like an idiot for not bringing my camera out, yet again.

Here is day one: A picture of you truly being yourself.

I love this picture. Just me being completely random on the sand dunes in Oregon. I have my face completely covered because wind + sand = pain. Lots and lots of pain. This picture actually reminds me of Star Wars a lot so I guess I’m just showing my inner nerd hehe


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