Fun in the Dark


Hand coloured print


Line neg


Two negs

Vignette to black

Some photos from awhile back that I’ve been meaning to post. My photography teacher called this assignment ‘fun in the dark’ but in reality it was anything but. Some were easy and interesting to learn but most were very frustrating. A few of them we had to repeat over and over again simply because they would not work (our inexperience really shows here :3). Although I must say now looking back on it everything was quite simple. Perhaps we just need to think through things more hehe

My two favorites out of this batch are the texture and two neg print. In fact I’m hoping I get a chance to do another textured print before this class ends. I don’t know what I’m going to do when there is no longer a dark room available for me. The rest of the school year will be very depressing indeed!


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