Real vs. Unreal

Last week my photography teacher gave us a full lesson on what is real and what is unreal. These days with digital media it is hard to tell what has not been altered using photoshop or what have you. For example, when it comes to magazines you may see people saying that they want to look like this or that person, etc. When in reality the person or model in the magazine is more than likely not real themselves for everything can be enhanced and changed.

It was an interesting lesson that really opened my eyes to how media can alter what you see.

For the project that went with the lesson we had to take three or four photos and put them together into one.

Recognize this photo? I took the original then added two of my sisters, Stacy and Kimberly, and placed them in my hands.

This next one I took the original then added my sisters Christine and Stacy plus Stacy’s husband, Kyle. As well as my neighbors horse kkk. Apparently my teacher really liked these because they were very entertaining.

Now you can tell that my pictures altered are obviously not real, but the problem lies with those photos that you can’t tell.

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