Grad sleepover of twenty-twelve

I am now attempting to recover from last nights grad sleepover that took place at my school. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone but I am soooo sore now (I don’t recommend laying on bleachers 3+ hrs) and lacking in too much sleep! Only slept twenty minutes for the whole night; woot for semi all nighters!

The rec 12 class  really did a superb job as there were so many activities to take part in, and not to mention all the food we ate! My favorite events out of the whole night was definitely laser tag (who new laser tag could be portable!?) and the dance party. The dance party somehow made me reminisce of a Tiesto concert I went to (probably because of the fist pumping) and made me want to go to more electro-esque type of events.

The most memorable moments of the night definitely go to the game show that they created for us. One of the game shows was fear factor so they blended up a kids meal from MacDonalds with water and made this guy drink it. He only had to drink everything from the cup they poured him but he ended up drinking all of that then going for the blender and draining all of the contents out of there too! So gross, I thought I was going to puke just watching! Another memorable moment for me is probably the sing along everyone took part in as well. As a grad class it made us feel more together which I thought was a great feeling. Even though in the beginning we kind of sucked at singing, it got better kk ;) Oh and there was definitely a lot of chanting of “grad twenty-twelve.” That was pretty awesome too.

A few of us hanging out before the party really started.

Now it is winter break for two weeks and I am so happy to finally have a rest. Going to focus on a lot of photography projects I want to do and maaaaybe going to attempt to pick up on some guitar again, we”ll see.

Happy Holidays!


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