Finding Inspiration: Sea

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays thus far, I know I am! Nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea and a few books to read. Yesterday I spent most of my evening recovering from being a little overly excited about the food we would be eating that evening, then afterwords recovering from eating too much of said food. The only reason I really like holidays is for the food we get to eat on special occasions. Kind of sad (but delicious!), I know.

Now onto what inspired me yesterday! For Christmas one of the gifts that I unwrapped from my parents was a photography book called Sea by Mark Laita. The photos within are absolutely beautiful. They are simple and yet capture the true and graceful beauty of the creatures within the sea.

The cover.

Common Atlantic Octopus

West Coast Sea Nettle

Weedy Scorpion Fish

Ribbontail Stingray

I wish I could show the true beauty of these photos but my camera does no justice. Best way I suppose is go to a bookstore and take a look yourself; it is definitely worth your time.In the back of the book there is even a glossary that tells you different characteristics of these animals. So not only is the book beautiful, but it is also informative.

The reason this inspired me so was the fact that the photos are so breathtaking. That someone is able to take such amazing photos of these animals leaves me in awe. I am one who believes that even if you take the best photo of something you can never really capture its true beauty. Things are always best seen with ones own eyes.

The ocean for me is the most frightening thing on Earth. It is so vast that there is still so much unknown within its depths. Mystery shrouds it, but this is also why it is one of the most fascinating things as well.

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