Here we go

Yesterday I took my first step to applying for university! It was rather nerve wracking yet exciting as you don’t know what the outcome will be but I’m sure it will turn out fine. I’m doing great in school this year so feel very confident with getting in. Now watch me not get in ha.ha.ha…..

I applied to UBCO and was planning on applying to a couple others in BC but my parents won’t let me because they don’t want to pay the application fee. Then I tried telling them how you need a couple back ups in case you don’t get in but then they had to compare me to my sisters and how they only applied to one. This is when it really sucks being the youngest, always having to be compared!

I guess its fine though because even if I did get in to the other ones I was only planning on going to UBCO anyways. Way more convient because I can live at home so get to save a lot of money that way! And probably a lot more comfortable for studying too. Plus my mom finally excepted my plan of transferring over to UBC after a couple of years so we’re all set! She even said I could transfer after one year :D So happy!

Even though UBCO is a sub uni of UBC, UBC is in reality my dream university. The setting says it all, I love Vancouver! And the campus is gooorgeous! They are also one of the top universities so I feel it would be a great learning experience to be a part of. Hopefully all works out and I’ll be on my way there soon!


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