Light is enough

Finally took some time to take a few photos of the Christmas lights Christine and I hung up this year. I also tried using some new settings on my camera that I had never really explored before and some of the results were awesome while others… I probably won’t use again.

The lights on this tree were hell to put up. As great as the lights look, next year I don’t think I am even going to go near this tree. The icicle lights kind of give this tree a pom tree effect.

I also had the help of a tripod for this set of photos. I received one for Christmas and am so grateful for it! Now I can take more variation with my photos such as shooting at night because the camera will be more stable. Can’t wait~!

I enjoy how in this photo you can see the little crystals of each light, a nice little detail I didn’t expect.

Still hoping to get a few photos from lights around town. But we’ll see with the rate I’m going. Such a sloth I am :3


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