Way back when before Christmas break, I commandeered Julie to be my model for a portraiture project I needed to complete. It was amazing to be able to work in a studio for the first time (set up right in our very own classroom keke). During the process I  learned many different lighting techniques and how to use a various amount of equipment I had never even heard of before, which will very well prove useful in the future I should think.

In class we’ve been doing digital work for a number of weeks but I was so happy to switch back to film for this project. I can’t tell people enough how much I love film. As we move more and more into the digital age it makes me sad that film is being less used. You just can’t get the same quality with digital photographs.

I didn’t really have a set idea for how I wanted to approach this project except I wanted bubblegum (random, yes?) And then Julie brought along some chocolate so it turned into a candy wonderland!

It took awhile to get a good shot with the gum. For one, I was being such a noob with my camera after not using it for so long, and secondly the timing to actually capture the image of the bubblegum had to be perfect. Julie’s mouth was pretty sore afterwords from all the chewing ><;

A few of these are just random fun photos because we were tired of paying too much attention to what I need for my project haha

I can’t believe how much fun this project actually was! I wish I could do something like this everyday with all my friends. Now I want to spend all my money on expensive equipment so I can set up a studio in my house ;D If only…



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