Eye opener

Today in English my teacher asked the class if any of us have a parent who has fought in a war. I was the only one who put my hand up.

I suppose its not shocking, not many people go to war anymore and theres no conscription or drafts, but I’ve never really thought about it before. It was a real eye opener. Especially when afterwords my teacher asked if any of us have grandparents who have fought in a war. Somehow I expect most people to have some relative who has fought in WWI or WWII, which most do, but I never thought about how my dad is probably one of the only parents in my school who has went to war.

I was left perplexed, to say the least. Although I wonder when I told the class that my dad fought in Vietnam if anyone was surprised by that. Most people are, because to them that was so long ago. Their parents were probably born only in and/or around the 60s and my dad was already in his 20s in Vietnam by ’68.

But I love that my parents are older than everyone else. Because of this fact I think I was raised to value different things and to understand the world in a different manner. Although this probably does contribute to me usually not liking to hang around people my own age. My sister and I always joke that I like to hang around people who are in their 20s and she (who is 29 y/o) likes to hang around senior citizens.

So today I guess I just realized how different each generation is and the values we all hold. I already knew and thought about it before, but this put it in a whole new context.


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