Candy is Dandy!

This is a project from a couple of weeks ago where we had to find an ad, then duplicate it. It actually took awhile to look for the perfect image to duplicate because we didn’t want to have to do anything too complicated or anything that would be too time consuming.

The image I chose was from an Elle Canada magazine. Its not necessarily an ad but I thought it would be fun to duplicate this particular photoshoot. Plus! We got to eat the ring pops afterwords keke

This is the original image. Its actually 1000 times brighter than what I managed but what can you do? I really wish I had the money to invest in proper lighting, instead of just using a bedside lamp. A part of it to, was the fact that I didn’t have the proper nail polish and we could only find red and blue ring pops. If we had had the proper colors it would have probably turned out brighter just by that.

I’m actually thinking of maybe duplicating the rest of the shoot at a later date. I really love the images, and I think its good to practice with different things like this. The shoot not only involved hands but also eyes and mouths and a lot of interesting makeup.

Thanks Christine, for being my hand model <3


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