The Art of Seeing

The purpose of this project was to develop the ability to ‘see’. Or in other words, to look for the natural shapes that fit a pre-determined shape. For it we had to go out and find shapes that duplicate the letters of our name.






I was too lazy to go out and find two other n’s, thus these letters only spell ‘Shano.’

This was actually my last film project for this class and I am really quite sad. There’s just something very peaceful and somewhat… I don’t know, magical? About seeing your photos appear right before you on paper. I’m hoping that I can take a few photography classes in university though, I don’t want this to be the last time.

My photography class as a whole also ended last Friday. My favorite class ending is so sad, will miss the teacher and all of us goofball slackers doing what we do best, procrastination! The last class was kind of amazing because only about 8 people showed up (where the other half of the class went, who knows…) and we all actually worked very diligently. Well I had to because I had to complete a whole project in less than two hours! Procrastination to the max!

The only good thing about this semester coming to an end is no more math! I am determined to never take another math class in my life! Also we have this whole week off for those writing provincial exams. Just going to sit back and relax… -le sigh-


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