Four legs good, two legs bad

One of my projects from last week involved photographing animals. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in completing that project, but I got some other good shots that I enjoy very much. I’m hoping that sometime this week I can get out and retry the first project.

As a kid I loved growing up with animals, we always had rabbits, chickens and cats. Later on our little hobby farm grew even bigger with various other birds, and now even goats and alpacas. For a kid I think its the best way to experience the world; outside in the fresh air surrounded by your four legged friends. I can’t call chickens much of a friend as they always pecked our toes… Although Kimberly did have a chicken that she used to hold and pet all the time.

Now, I am ashamed to say, I don’t go outside and visit these animals like I used to. I really should make a point to get out and stop staying cramped up in my room like a hermit.




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