I love having and creating nicknames. Not only can you have a good laugh while coming up with them but you can also have a more in depth look into who you are. Sure nicknames are really fun and sometimes usually really silly but they are a piece of who you are, what you’re personality is, etc, etc.

Recently Kimberly and I came up with some new nicknames for each other, although it seems like almost every other week we are doing so. My new nickname is ‘Shenanigans’ or ‘Shananigans’. Depending on who I am hanging out with at the time I can be quite silly and high-spirited, thus this nickname describes me perfectly. Kims is KK. It was AK47 but thats a bit of a mouthful compared with KK. Plus it somehow describes her perfectly. Possibly because it reminds me of kitkats and as a kid she loooved kitkats.

Some other nicknames we’ve given each other while laughing our heads off would be Rainbowcocopuff for Kimberly and… well I can’t actually remember what mine was! A few more for Kimberly would be kimchi, kimbap… I seem to give her a lot of Korean food nicknames. I also seem to give more nicknames to her than she does to me. Why is this? Although I do get called scrane a lot, by myself included.

We’ve had so many nicknames over the years its difficult trying to remember them all. But the nice thing is you can always come up with new and up to date ones!


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