Last night me and a big groups of friends (along with half the school) attended the finals of the Canadian Western Basketball tournament. Every year the tournament is hosted at my school and it is really an honor to be able to see our team play and to cheer them on.

This year we really have a great team! And I can verify this by saying we’re number one in the province! Last night we went up against another great team, who are number one in Alberta. Last nights game was very close the whole night, and my gosh so frustrating to watch! The whole time we were sitting on the edge of our seats screaming at the players… I wonder if that helped?

Well maybe not… we lost 85-91. It was a huge disappointment for the whole school as we were really expecting to win this year. For me it is especially a disappointment because this is our grad year. If we had won it would have added a little something extra to the events and excitement of graduating.

Even though our team didn’t end up winning, the night was still fun. I love going to the tournament and seeing the school spirit of all the students dressed up in black and gold! And everyone cheering as well! “Who’s house? Owls house!’ By the end of the game every time the Owls scored a point the gym erupted in so many cheers it was deafening. I hope that our support encouraged the team to work hard.

Black and gold! Kimberly dressed up in tiger Pjs, saw another kid dressed up as a viking and someone else was wearing a dragon suit. We’ll pretty much dress up in anything as long as the colors are black and gold!



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