Winter wonders

Here comes a backlog of photos from 2 weeks ago. I just haven’t found the time to post them until now, thank goodness for three day weekends!

What I was trying to capture in these photos was hoar frost. This winter was the first time I had ever seen something such as this, and it was truly amazing! It stuck to everything, trees, fences, pine needles. The amazing thing about this type of frost is that it forms in tiny spikes (shown above) as though there are millions of little icicles   covering everything.

And this frost didn’t only last a few hours, it stayed for about 4 days! Every morning we were able to wake up to something as beautiful as this.

The best place to view the hoar frost, I believe, was in the orchards. When you drove by, every tree was covered root to sky with tiny little spikes of ice. It was a wonder to see something so magical.


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