Dear TV

The first time I heard this song I was absolutely blown away. And now I have been listening to it for a solid three months and am still not sick of it.

Its one of those songs that is not only great in terms of musical quality (All depending on your taste), but has deep meaning as well. Dear TV only has 35 seconds of rap and yet Tablo still manages to make it emotionally moving. That is not just skill, but showing that he truly believes in what he is rapping about.

The beat is addicting while the words are aggressive and moving. However, as aggressive as the words are, they hold so much truth. Television desensitizes people from the world they live in, making  them believe everything they see through media. In fact, you probably can believe almost nothing that the media tells or shows you. Tablo closes the song with the lyrics, “Don’t act like you know me ’cause you recognize me. You sell my record not me.” This shows that even if you think you know the person behind the song, its the media that sells the record, not the artist. You don’t know the artist at all because the media can portray them however they feel. So unless you have met the artist personally you can’t judge them.

I think the reason I connected with this song so much was because its not just another love song, it has real meaning. Lyrics that we can put into our daily lives, and use to open our eyes to what kind of world we live in.

And on a tiny side note, I really love the album cover art as well.


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