A Universal Language

Is it bad that all I want to blog about recently is music? Well with no new photos to show, I suppose its not bad, at least I have something to blog about. Plus, I have been getting really immersed in a few new bands these days. I Can’t get enough of them!

My latest addiction is The Koxx. And this is my favorite song by them:

Yes, they are Korean, Yes, I listen to foreign music. No, I don’t speak the language.

I think its horrible to judge people based on what they listen to. Sure, I don’t like certain genres of music, but I don’t hate someone for it. People here generally think its strange to listen to music that is in a different language.

Music is a universal language that everyone, no matter where you are from, can connect too. Why judge someone for having a passion for something different? A friend of mine once said that he doesn’t judge people for what they listen to because its what makes them happy. I’m trying to live like that now.

Not judging doesn’t mean having to like everything, just respecting other peoples choices.

Oscar Wilde said it best (even if he is contradicting himself): “I never approve or disapprove of anything now. Its an absurd attitude to take towards life.”



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