I Hate Saturdays

Most people absolutely love the weekend and can’t wait till Saturday is finally here so they can sleep in, rest, and enjoy the day. I on the other hand, hate Saturdays.

I realized awhile ago that I actually really love school. I used to say I hated it, etc, etc, what most teenagers say. But then I realized I actually love it. I love hanging out with my friends, getting the chance to learn something new everyday, actually getting out of the house and doing something. Weekdays are so much better than weekends.

Saturdays are the worst. I hate sleeping in because it makes me feel as though I’ve wasted my whole day, but no matter how hard I try to get up early, I can never make it out of bed. Its as though my bed has captured me in its clutches and won’t let me escape. Dramatic, no? Well really… all I think about on Saturdays is how much time I waste.

And somehow I never hang out with my friends on Saturday, only ever on weekdays. Saturdays are like a curse. Even on summer holidays Saturdays are the worst day of the week. I have no idea how that happens, it just does.

So as you may have guessed from this semi-depressing post, today was rather unproductive and boring. At least I have tomorrow to look forward to <3 Going to see a movie with the fam fam.



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