Airband 2012

Yesterday I, accompanied with Grace and Kimberly, attended the finals of airband at my school. Airband is arguably the biggest event of the year, with people attending even from other schools. The event started at our schools in the 80s and has grown ever since. It is definitely a lot of fun to see, almost like one big party. Out of the three years I’ve attended I think this year was the best. There were so many great bands, I wish all of them could have won!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the performances as I believe this will be the last year I attend the event (Graduating and all…) and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest! I did get a couple shots of the stage and decorations though!

The theme this year was MTV

In all honesty, I don’t even know how to describe airband. To sum it up, its pretty much just a variety of pounding beats, cheering, laughter, and just raw entertainment. Luckily! We took videos of a few of the bands from earlier on in the week so I don’t technically need to describe it… You can see for yourself! (Will edit this post with the rest of the vids once I upload them)

My favorite band was definitely, definitely… the Teachers! Its just amazing to see the people who instruct you in school up on stage acting ridiculous. And trust me, they really do act ridiculous! I absolutely love our teachers, they are hilarious and know how to have a good time!

Next up on favorites: Strictly Business. This band is made up of the drama kids at our school. I believe that, because they know how to act and are already so used to being on stage, that they knew how to bring out an awesome performance. And awesome it was!

Dat Sass also had an entertaining performance!  They had so many hilarious qualities to their act that you die laughing and screaming during their performance! These hilarious qualities definitely payed off, because they won second place!

And now… drum roll everyone…. The Mongoes!!! Apparently their first performance in the week didn’t end to well but they made it to finals and really proved themselves there. So much so that, they won! It was such a great performance that the cheering wouldn’t end at and some people even gave them a standing ovation! There is no doubt that they definitely deserved their win!

In truth… all these bands I’ve mentioned are my favorite. I can’t possibly choose one as they each have a unique performance to offer that leaves you stunned.

A few other bands that I should mention are Caucasian Persuasion, Thumbs Up (Won third place), and The Rec AM Girls (Can’t remember their actual band name…). Also note that all these bands mentioned are grade 12 groups. I suppose since its our last year we all just want to let loose and have a little fun!


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