Time to Sleep

Kimberly and I were supposed to wake up early this morning for a photoshoot with friends, but unfortunately our night owl ways got the best of us. I didn’t fall asleep till 7am which was when I should have been just getting up. I long for normal sleeping habits that I will probably never have.

I was actually looking forward to this photoshoot as they are always really fun but it just didn’t happen. Not to mention everyone else was busy so I don’t think anyone actually showed up. I’m hoping we can reschedule for another time when the weather is somewhat warmer.

So instead of photos with friends I have pictures of an epic meal from yesterday to share. Bacon, eggs, and potatoes all wrapped up in a crepe!

I wish I could eat like this everyday but I don’t think my heart would enjoy that too much, while my taste buds would absolutely love it.


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