My love for street art

I absolutely love street art. Some may have been able to tell from a couple of my photos in Walking in Sunshine or from way back when, when I blogged my first Finding Inspiration post. Seeing art while walking down a street just makes a city feel special and unique. You’ll probably never see the same street art in New York City as you would in Seoul.

The one city where I have seen street art is actually in Seoul, South Korea. There were a few different pieces in the university district of Hongdae, and truthfully, it made me feel right at home. Being able to sit in a cafe drinking your favorite coffee and then walk outside and browse through various vendors while getting the chance to view art on random walls screams awe inspiring for me. No surprises when I say that Hongdae is my favorite district of Seoul then, right? Predictable as usual.

So with my love of street art when I found this post on Lonely Planet about Where to see Amazing Street Art, I jumped on the link. Honestly, I have never even thought of going to any of these cities, or countries for that matter (excluding the US of course, neighbor to the south lol). And I especially didn’t think that these places would own up to any street art. But I suppose that is the beauty of traveling, you never know what you’ll dig up. I might just have to take a quick visit to these different areas of the globe now.


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