After a two week spring break its somewhat strange being back in school. All the teachers are finally buckling down and adding on loads more work to fit everything into the end of the year. Not to mention the lectures and pep talks telling us that the last 3 months of school are going to just zoom by, and before we know it we’ll all be sitting in grad gowns and caps receiving our diplomas. At this point I find that thought both happy and sad. I have mixed feelings. Happy that I made it through high school, sad that I know I’ll never see a lot of my fellow grads again.

And that previous thought only adds on to the fact that a fellow student in my grad class passed away over this last weekend. I didn’t know him personally but being at school after such a tragic accident is so heart wrenching. Especially when you see his friends walk passed you in the hallway with tear stained faces. This spring really is an emotional time for our grad class. But as my lit teacher told us the one thing that we can get out of this tragic loss is that it will bring everyone closer together.

What makes this time all the more emotional is the fact that in the spring of 2011 we also had a fellow grad pass away. However, Jordan I did no personally. I had been going to school with him since 6th grade. I had actually talked to him two weeks before he died. I think whats most shocking about things like this is you really don’t expect it. No one ever think someone so young will die.

Two years in a row this has happened. It makes me wonder if our grad year is cursed.



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