This is a rant post

Been so busy this past week I nearly forgot that I even have a blog! With school back in full force I can’t believe how much work I am receiving. The teachers really have begun their year end panic to get everything completed.

It almost feels as though spring break didn’t even occur with all this work! I might start regretting taking lit soon, solely for the fact that my teacher works us half to death!

Most of my classes are semi-okay though. What I really want to rant about is Grad trans.

Honestly, it is the stupidest course in the history of ever! I already completed half the things that it requires in grade 10 and 11 so why do I need to do it for a third year!?? Not only that but we have to complete a future career MAP. I understand why they want us to do it; so that we actually research and make sure we have a plan for after we graduate. But half the things it asks for has nothing to do with careers anyways! Just a whole lot of pointless things that people don’t need to know! Plus I don’t believe in having a solid plan A and B anyways. Sure, its good to have an idea of what you want. But life doesn’t work where you go from step to step smoothly. Things happen, new opportunities rise up, you never know where your next step will take you. Yeah, maybe some people will end up exactly as they planned, but I find this highly unlikely. We also have to present this to a teacher and someone from the community. I don’t mind the fact that we have to present it too much. This part is honestly the only thing that might actually help you for future goals. Its good practice for future interviews and whatnot, albeit I’ll probably be a nervous wreck. But ugh! This whole process just makes me want to tear my mind to shreds. No one is even clear on half the requirements because no one explains them to us. Whats the point in this class if we don’t learn anything!?

ARGHHHH. I probably won’t stop ranting about this till after the interview is done mid-April. So long to go, so long to be tortured.


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