Walking in the Rain

For the past week I have been desperately wanting it to rain and today my wish was granted. I tried forcing Kimberly to go on a walk with me but she was glued to her computer and wouldn’t leave the confines of her bedroom. Luckily, my dad decided to go with me or I would have been moping around the house telling myself that I need to do something productive. I suppose a walk isn’t actually productive, but at least I got out of the house!

The purpose of this walk was originally to get a few pictures of horses as Christine is going to paint or draw(?) something. I really enjoyed the fresh air of spring though, it was a lovely day! Unfortunately, by the time we got outside it had stopped raining so my gumboots and umbrella were pointless!

Spike sitting in the neighbors yard.

This majestic beauty wandered over and was so friendly. I wanted to take him home <3

My dads really good at spotting animals. Even if they’re over hills or a mile away, he will see them. For someone in his 60s his eyesight is awesome, I feel blind in comparison. Or maybe I’m just not as observant as I think I am.

Walked over to my Uncles place to visit his horses.

This one kept following us around and tried to eat my hair at one point! This is the one problem I have with straw colored hair haha.

Afterwards me and my dad sat on the swings for awhile just talking about random things. It was really nice to just sit and relax for a day.

I didn’t use my DSLR this time around because I thought it would be raining, even though it didn’t. Too bad because this would have been a good opportunity to test it out.


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