Hip Hip Hooray!

I believe that someone needs to hold a party because us grade 12s are now finished with career transitions! HIP HIP, HOORAAAAY !!!

Surprisingly I wasn’t too nervous for the interview until I realized I had no idea what I was going to say when it came to the part about my skills and strengths. And my nervousness only doubled when I found out that the teacher I chose to present to (My photography teacher) wasn’t going to be there and instead I was going to present to the librarian (Who we all think is really scary but, I actually found out she’s pretty awesome).

Once I got into the interview and sat down though they really put me at ease and I absolutely loved it! The 20 minutes went by so fast!

The nice thing about it was that the librarians daughter was just graduating from Uvic with a major in art history this year, and my plan A is to be an art historian. So instead of only answering questions I was also asking them. Those 20 minutes were really informative and well worth my time. We even discussed other job options (I want to be a curator) that I could do after I graduate from university and a lot of them sounded very interesting. There are so many options and I know only more will become available once I actually enter into university.

Now that this is over and done with and I passed, I can finally focus on studying for my AP psychology exam. Someone please kill all this stress!?


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