Current Obsession

I remember back in elementary school (or was it middle school?) my sister bought a book featuring photos of Japanese street fashion. I absolutely loved looking at all the unique fashions so would look through it almost everyday! One of the features of the book was that whoever was being photographed stated what their current obsession was. I think I really loved this feature as I had never previously thought of things as ‘current obsessions’ but more as things you like. It had never occurred to me at that point in time that as you grow older you forget some things and learn to love news things.

So here I am to state my current obsession: Downton Abbey.

I think the reason I love this show so much is because it reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. P&P is one of my favorite books and movies so if there is anything that is even slightly similar I will probably enjoy it most heartily. Another great thing about Downton Abbey is that not only does it feature the wealthy but, their servants lives as well. It gives two different views to what went on in the early 1900’s making it that much more interesting.

Besides all that I just find the story phenomenal. You have one character hating another character then suddenly they fall in love while another character is plotting against a different character then you have others setting people up with each other and gosh its just awesome. And yes, it is mostly a love story but, who doesn’t want to sit back and watch on of those once in awhile?

Another great thing about Downton Abbey is the costumes. The women’s evening gowns are gorgeous and made me wish I dressed up every night for dinner and had luxurious garden parties every weekend. As frivolous as that sounds. Not to mention the mens tuxedos. If only guys wore more suits these days. -swoons-

Honestly, the reason I am writing this post is mostly because I recently finished both seasons of Downton Abbey and have nothing to do now as I wait for the third. For a week or two it consumed my life and now all I can think about is Downton. Hopefully they third season will come out sooner rather than later or I may die from anticipation.

And now I must leave off with my two favorite characters, Mathew and Mary. Mathews eyes pierced my soul and Mary is so beautiful. Perfect couple, yes?


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