Crashing waves

Every year starting sometime in February, I long for the ocean. The salty air, crashing waves, sand between my toes, not to mention the many adventures to be had. This started because for three summers in a row we went to the ocean for family vacations and then some. Now I’m addicted. And this craving for that ocean fun won’t stop until I’m running down the beach chasing seagulls and kicking up water.

I should also mention that this is not some south pacific ocean with tropical fish and clear blue waters. This is rugged ocean with grey waters and wild weather. Somehow this makes me love it more…

So now I am sitting here looking at photos from past vacations hoping that this summer won’t be any different and I’ll find myself watching the sun set below the blue waves.

I also kind of want to visit the ocean so I can test out my new dlsr in that salty air hehe.


2 thoughts on “Crashing waves

  1. I hope we can check out Vancouver island while I’m back. U don’t need to go all the way to California for incredible forests ;)

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