Free as the wind

Well, not quite as free as the wind since I still have just over a month of school left but, I have now completed my psychology AP exam and equivalency exam! After studying all weekend and then getting up at 4am on Monday to study some more, I am happy that its over and I can just sit back and (almost) relax now.

The sad thing about AP exams is that you can study absolutely everything 1000 times over, and only less than a quarter of it will be on the exam. I feel like a lot of what was on the AP exam were things I didn’t look over enough but oh well. We’ll see how well I did when July comes rolling around. I can only hope for the best. And even if I didn’t do well, I am proud of how much I studied and how much effort I put into it. I hope in the end I can say all my hard work paid off though.

The funny thing about when I know that I have a lot of things to do and study for is that that is the time when I just reaaaally want to go out and take pictures. Luckily I resisted the urge, and rewarded myself today by finally taking out my film camera after months of disuse and went out to take photos of the wonderful world of spring!


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