Telling the Story

Telling the Story is a photography project that I completely forgot about until a couple of weeks ago. I was wandering the halls at school with Kimberly being completely bored when we happened across one of the set of photos hanging in the hall. They had been hung there back in October, or whenever we did it, and just hung there forgotten (by me at least). So thats when I decided to steal them back. (heehee!)

Afterwards I had lost them here at home, but have just very recently found them again. So here they are!

Story #1: Death by Falling

At the time of this project I found it extremely hard to make up a story that could be told with only 3 photos. This is why they are rather sad/tragic and morbid. It was way too hard to come up with something even remotely happy but, now I can think of so many. Ideas never come when you truly need them, do they?

For Death by Falling I had to take so many photos because I kept forgetting that I needed to have them all vertical. I am so forgetful its sad.

First story is of my dad climbing onto the roof to clean the chimney, when he suddenly comes to his untimely death by falling. (just in case you didn’t get it)

Story #2: Sad thoughts of tomorrow

This set I had to take photos of twice because the first time I forgot to use a flash. Kimberly and my dad weeeeren’t too happy about that!

Sad thoughts of tomorrow is about my dad being a drunkard and abusing his daughter so she is in a never-ending tumble of depression.

I love the second set of photos a lot more than the first. The first story I thought was good, but photography skill was lacking. My teacher seemed to agree.


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