Elegance, Friends, and Dancing

Last night was Prom. Our chance to dress up and celebrate the times we’ve had together in high school as well as the last 12yrs.

Its almost strange thinking that Prom was yesterday when it really doesn’t feel like it was. It seems as though we wait for this one day our whole school life and then once its over it wasn’t as big as everyone expected. It was grand, it was fun but, everyday being able to hang out with friends is fun and a time worth remembering.

I mostly like Prom because come on, when else do you get to dress up like this?

All of us sitting at our tables waiting for dinner. I was starving, after only eating one meal that day in the mad rush to be all made up and at the dolphins on time.

None of these photos are going to be edited because I am still in a post-prom haze. Which includes 4hrs of sleep and just me being lazy.

There will be four batches of grad posts still to come. Of dancing, dry grad, meeting everyone at the dolphins, and Kimberly and my mini photoshoot. Having trouble concentrating on anything for too long right now, all I want to do is sleep. |・ω・`)


2 thoughts on “Elegance, Friends, and Dancing

    • Oh really? Prom is the big event of the year here but, once you actually get to the day its almost anticlimactic lol.
      I found a photo of this dress online and after that no other one could compare <3

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