The Big Night Part Deux

Theres a lot of photos of us sitting around because the DJ kind of sucked and played dubstep half the time. Impossible to dance to really.

Somehow Grace and I always end up dancing together…

I think the best part of the night was actually when slow songs came on. At those times a group of 8 or 9 of us would form a circle and kind of sway/dance together. Makes you feel a lot less lonely and dateless haha! Another reason why those moments were so great: everyone sang along to the songs! Don’t Stop Believin and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing were two of them.

It was kind of sad that everyone left so soon. Every hour the ballroom just got emptier and emptier until there were only about 20 or 30 people left. Even with so few people we still kept the party going with our own dance circle!

A lot of people said that Prom was kind of anticlimactic. Perhaps because this is the big event of the year, the day that everyone is waiting for. And once it happens everyone is just kind of meh. But you have to enjoy it for what it is and we certainly did.

I think everyone would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had happened after school was completely finished. As it is we still have 4 weeks left to go. Trying to finish strong but I’m really in a “Yay its summer!!! Yay we’re gradding!!!” mindset at the moment.

It was kind of funny to see everyone at school today because we all looked so dead. Even with all of Monday to recuperate it wasn’t enough. Especially when after staying up for over 24hrs I could only sleep a max of 4hrs. My body clock is so messed up. Jealous of everyone who slept passed noon.


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