The Gathering

That title makes it seem as though everyone was gathering the grads to kill them. But no, it was definitely not as violent as all that. “The Gathering” simply implies where we met before the promenade to the Grand Hotel where our Prom took place.

Upon viewing the crowd of people there for the first time, I was stunned. There must have been 1000 people, including the grads. half just to see us walk along the boardwalk.

Upon entering the mass of people my sole goal was to find friends and get as many photos as possible. A near impossible task, it was like playing Wheres Waldo.

It was so nice seeing everyone for the first time in their gowns. All the girls looked absolutely breathtaking and the guys handsome! They should where tux’s everyday. Hah!

And last but not least, the promenade. A difficult task to walk behind people with long trains, Kimberly kept stepping on Antoinette’s dress. And all the girls wearing stilettos kept getting their heals stuck in between the boards. Quite glad I decided to go with wedges!

I know I’m not posting anything in chronological order but, I’m not really bothered by it. Everything is a blur in mind mind at the moment anyways! Only one more post to go but I must wait till Stacy edits the photos. She won’t let me put my hands on them!



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