18th Birthday Bash

Well less of a Birthday bash and more of just a little get together with family and friends last Friday. But it was nonetheless a lot of fun and a memorable evening. Growing up you always think 18 is some great milestone but once it actually comes you feel no different. Same old, same old. The only new thing is that we can now vote but, that is almost a wasted privilege as I don’t think there will be any elections anytime soon.

To sum up Kimberly’s and my birthday: We ate a lot of food, took a lot of pictures, and played with a lot of animals. Mix all of that up and you have us bursting at the seams; food and laughter.

Now that I think on it, its almost strange that I was designated photographer for my own birthday. But that may just be because I have a hard time letting people use my camera (hehe…) And I’d prefer to take the pictures anyways because well, to me its fun!

A simple birthday like this is best in my opinion, especially because I didn’t want a party to begin with. Can never really get a way with everything you want when you have a twin! Instead of partying hardcore it was more like any old sleepover but, I loved it a lot!

Because I seem to have trouble only choosing a couple of photos to show I’m going to have to make this into two posts… again! The second post will feature the best part of the night!


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