AP Banquet

This past Thursday I attended the first ever KSS AP Banquet. A few people at my school decided that if theres an Athletics Banquet, why isn’t there an AP one? Why don’t we celebrate the academics more in our school? So here we are, hoping this will become an annual event. I attended the event with Grace as we had an English project we desperately needed to finish beforehand. Ironically enough that kind of helps explain how academic we are.

Took two pictures before the event but neither of them had a pleasant outcome in the facial department. Double chins and awkward mid-talking is all there is to see. So here are the dresses we wore. And I should also mention that this is the very first time I wore heals! Well I wore heals to grad but they were wedges and only an inch or 2 tall. I’m surprised I didn’t land flat on my face at some point in the night. The event was held at Botega, a new place that no one has every heard of and which most people consider is located in the middle of no where. I couldn’t help but be amused at all the getting lost stories because I only live five minutes away.And now for the good part: the hypnotist! I liked this hypnotist a lot more than the one who was at dry grad. Just the things he made the hypnotees do was a lot more entertaining. Although, the guy at dry grad seemed a lot safer. He gave warnings beforehand while this guy was more willy nilly. Plus apparently a lot of the hypnotees were still in somewhat of a stupor until the next day! Story behind these two stories: The hypnotees were told that this teacher from our school was the best smelling man in the world and to go smell him (I think?) so they all go rushing to him immediately. Most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen! I can only imagine how traumatized the teacher was. And then they all collapse into sleep afterwards haha.Some photos that I didn’t get because I was laughing so hard: of phoning ones mom about lamas and elephants, phoning ones brother about having a sex change, being deathly scared of a (toy) mouse; screaming, smashing it with a shoe then throwing it out the door, and so much more!And of course the night is never complete without a few random shots taken in the washroom.

The night really ended with a failed dance party. It started with a horrible sound system, then really old horrible music, then just not feeling into it. Pretty quickly the dance floor dwindled down to only about 10 people but, other than that, the night was a lot of fun.

A lot of us were considering this as the last sort of formal event with all our friends where we could get together like this before we graduate. Quite sad really. Even the speeches that were given were kind of daunting about leaving high school. Although, one teacher said something a long the lines of, “Right now you’re the smart ones, next year you’ll be average.” I’ll remember that one for awhile!


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