Finding Inspiration: Black & White

Its been a long while since I have done one of these posts what with year end grad events and such. I think that these posts are no longer necessarily about finding inspiration but, also just simply about the things that make me happy in photography and artwork and the world around me. Which, I suppose, is inspiration in itself.

Featuring black and white photography this time round as an ode to my photography class. Today, I  talked with one of my fellow students about the class and discussed how much we missed it, especially the film portion. It will honestly probably be one of my most missed classes from high school. Of course I hope to take more photography classes in university but, you can never forget where your love for it all came from. Love the fact that whoever edited this photo left the red, it makes the photo. The reason as to why I love B&W so much lies simply in the contrast. Of course you can see contrast in pictures with color but, its not the same. And B&W can completely change the mood of the photo. Its wonderful.Photos by: unknown, Fran Efless, ontoshiki, Jeremy Snell, unknown, and CK. Got all these photos from Tumblr*


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