Dry Grad

Just realized that I never posted anything about Dry Grad. This event occurred right after prom so I suppose with all the thousands of posts I made for that event this one completely skipped my mind. Even though technically I think Dry Grad was a lot more fun then prom itself.

The best thing about Prom is being able to dress up and feel like a princess for a day. Best thing about Dry Grad is being able to hang out casually with your friends eating food and playing video games till 5 in the morning. There was definitely a lot of things there to take silly pictures with. All the more fun for me hehe -sneaks around with camera- Oh and I can’t forget to post my “Bad ass” tattoo! They said it was waterproof and would last a few days but, it pretty much came off the instant it touched water. Tragic. I just need to point out that I absolutely fail at DDR. Grace and Julie are the two who rocked it. Some other moments from the night that I am too lazy to post photos of: The food. And oh lordy how much food there was! I think I ate so much that night that for a week afterwards my stomach was a black hole consuming everything in its path.

Grace and I got married. And what a memorable wedding it was! The vows went something along the lines of “You are no longer a lone wolf, even though you don’t have a pack mentality yet…” you get the idea. (I hope everyone realizes this was a fake wedding!)

The hypnotist: Even though I liked the hypnotist at the AP Banquet more, this one was still loads of fun. I think the reason this one isn’t as memorable is probably because we were watching this show at 4am. Falling over from staying up for 25hrs straight!

Its almost bittersweet to look back at these photos now when our commencement ceremony is this coming Monday and classes end in a week and a half. Its time to finally face the reality that we’re really graduating and going our separate ways.



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