Fairytale Princesses

A couple of days ago Stacy finally gave me the grad photos that we had captured just before prom. Now edited and airbrushed to their utmost perfection. Felt like princesses from a fairy tale in these photos. Afterwards not so much, what with being a glutton as soon as I saw the food at grad.Going through these photos I realized that when I think I’m smiling, I’m not. Either that or Stacy is just good at capturing my in between smile moments. Thus, I am not showing those haha!

Our dresses were made by a neighbor down the street, hair done by Stacy, and makeup done by a makeup artist that Stacy knows and I can’t remember the name of. :3

OReally glad that I forced everyone out the door so that we could capture a few shots before rushing down to the dolphins. Literally had to be like “go go go. You don’t need that, lets go!” Good thing we have a park across the street from our house, perfect for impromptu photo-shoots. Should also mention that the photo above captures Kimberly’s personality perfectly!Kimberly said that my eyes in this shot look like the white walkers eyes from Game of Thrones. Super edited.  Finally done with all the grad posts from weeks and weeks ago! Although still hoping to do a photoshoot in our grad dresses with a few friends I love coming up with excuses to dress fancy, and a photoshoot is the perfect way to do just that!

The only grad event left now is the commencement ceremony tomorrow. Desperately don’t want to go lest I fall flat on my face. But wishing myself the best of luck haha


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