Grad Class of Twenty-twelve

Well I suppose the first thing to say is we did it. We survived Kindergarten all the way up to grade 12. I feel like this post is going to have everything cliche it possibly could but I don’t care at this point. For the longest time I didn’t really care about graduating and just wanted to get out of there. But I suppose after this year (in my opinion the best year of school yet) Its really bittersweet.

On one hand I get to do what I want to do with my life, and on the other I have to say goodbye to a lot of great people and to the only routine I’ve really known. The fact that after next week we won’t be having summer vacation and then going back to school again is astonishing. This is how we’ve been living life for the past 13 years and it just seems strange that if you wanted to, the summer could go on for ever.

Of course many people are going to post-secondary next year, traveling, working, doing whatever the hell they want. Its liberating to say the least.

I think that was the best part of the commencement ceremony last night. Being able to hear what everyone was going to do with their lives, even if two or even ten years down the road they change their minds. Other than that, the commencement ceremony was boring and anticlimactic. Having to go home after dinner with the family and write an essay on Mao does not make me feel as though I have graduated. Kimberly walking across the stage. Me walking across the stage.

After days of being completely nervous, suddenly the day of commencement, I didn’t feel nervous one bit. I was determined to walk across that stage proud and with a smile. And I did.

Almost 600 people in my grad class. So many people that we had to split commencement into two parts. I like the size of my grad class. There’s enough people to remain anonymous within the whole of it and not too small where you know absolutely everyone and everything about them. Some of these people I’ve known since kindergarten and others, I just met last September. Either way I will miss them all equally.


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