An Almost Goodbye

This will be the last post of any grad events or photos this year. I think in some ways I’ve been avoiding this post just because I don’t want to be reminded that I’m really graduating. I only have two more classes next week and then an English provincial and I’m done high school officially. I literally can’t wrap this around my mind.

Although, I suppose in September when it comes time to go back to school and I won’t be, it won’t really matter. I just need to remember to fill my day with lots of things. I’m the type of person who if I’m not doing something I just  feel horrible about myself all day. Too try and not do that well…. lets see haha. Kimberly and me with the parents and my niece Cora. I should also point out that the yellow thing around our necks, the v-stole or whatever its called, we all wore it the wrong way. The V is supposed to be in the front. So right before we walked out and they told us that, we were outraged. Then when they told us they would let us where it this way and we would be the only grad class to ever do that, we all cheered like crazy. So to sum this up, my entire grad class (almost) doesn’t know how to wear a simple graduation gown, thus we are all idiots. lol!


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