Poetry & Photography

Even though school has ended and I’m attempting to completely remove myself from it and the impending doom of university while really immersing myself in summer vacation, I really want to post about this project. Something that I am incredibly proud of. The goal of this project was to interpret poetry in your own way in order that you might understand it more efficiently through in a creative manner.

Did an all nighter for this, thanks to my procrastinator ways, but it paid off in the end. 100%!! (Which I reaaally wasn’t expecting.) Turned out my teacher really liked the idea. Thank you photography for allowing me to use you in all of my classes! Title page. I can’t really explain the guy on the front. For some reason it just screamed poetry to me. The first poem I interpreted, Apostrophe to the Ocean. Decided to use this poem because I really do feel a connection with the ocean, as much as I fear it. And I’m not one of those people who fears sharks or anything like that, I fear the ocean itself, and all its power an mystery within.

The left photo is the original while the right is one I tampered with a little. Emerged it in water for an hour or two, not really expecting it to do anything to the photo, and at first I didn’t notice the change. Not until I put them side by side and realized that the water had changed the photos colors. I didn’t think that that was enough though, so I played around with the hotglue gun and put people floating in the water. This was to portray how one shouldn’t underestimate the ocean. Morbid, I know. The second poem, Requiem. This poem discussed life and death, and the last verse is even written on Robert Louis Stevenson’s (The poet’s) gravestone.

These photos were a lot of fun to play with because I got to use fire. keke! I originally buried the photo in the garden for a few hours hoping it would give the photo an aged feel. Almost like actually being in a grave. Only not rotten. I’d love to play with this idea more except bury the photo for weeks and months. I then burned the edges and then decided to go further and place heat in the center of the photo. To my surprise doing that cracked the ink. Afterwords, I poured some of the candles wax over the photo. The Hollow Men was the third poem, and my favorite.

I’m incredibly happy with how the photo turned out because at the time I was being eaten by mosquitoes and Kimberly and I had just come back from our commencement ceremony and a graduation dinner with the fam. I was also trying to play around with the shutter speed on my camera for the second time (The first time was a complete fail) and am thus surprised it worked so well. For some reason this photo wouldn’t flip the proper way, so the top photo is the one I toyed with. The only thing I did to alter the photo was wrap wire and twin around it to portray being trapped and unable to move. Like the Hollow Men in the photo, my parents. While Kimberly (the person running) is showing how time is moving forward without them.

As our year end Lit project my teacher wanted us to put in and thus be able to show that we put in at least eight hours of work. I thought that was insane at first but now I view it as rather accurate.


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