Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! Or post Canada Day as it is, terrible internet connection and my own laziness just can’t seem to keep up with blogging.

On Monday, with Kimberly, Julie and Grace in tow we hung out downtown for 8hrs in Celebration. We were pretty much only waiting for the fire works, and thanks to Grace, met way too early. Spent a lot of this time boiling to death in the hot, hot sun, going to a Korean restaurant solely for the air conditioning, and waiting in Starbucks for hours. I’m not even sure who took a good part of these photos. My camera was being passed around to everyone haha!One of the reasons I go to Canada Day is simply for the snowcones. I only get them twice a year (Canada Day and the Armstrong Fair) so can’t miss either of those chances! Until… I found out that that stand is there every Saturday. Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner!? Because we were bored for a good part of the day, we just walked around aimlessly looking at things. Well, really walking from one patch of shade to the next haha. Due to this Grace decided to pick some flowers (weeds really) and now I have two lovely bookmarks! The bugs that came with them were almost not worth it though haha. Grace and I were twins that day. Not intentionally. It was extremely hard to take a good picture with the sun blazing down to burn right into your eyes. By the time of our 2hrs stay in Starbucks we were practically passed out for want of sleep. Even with all the “What should we do’s?” It was a lot of fun to just hang around doing nothing for the better part of the day.

One of the reasons I like Canada Day so much is because people really do celebrate it. Walking around, you see so many people wearing red and white, or dyed their hair red, and a lot of people wearing the Canada flag as a cape! Its a lot of fun to see.

Fireworks in the next post!


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