To Light the Sky

Honestly, the best part of Canada Day is in this post (Part 1 here), fireworks make me unbelievably happy. I’m sure I explained something like it in a previous post.

I wish I had taken my tripod with me but at the time it had completely slipped my mind (Plus who wants to carry that around for 8 hours!?). The shakiness in the above photo adds a nice affect though. I think my photos could have turned out a lot better if I had used a longer shudder speed instead of just auto. I am shameful as a photographer, I know. Due to the fact that I have only shot fireworks with my point and shoot (which has an awesome fireworks setting!) I didn’t really know how these would turn out. Some of the shots I love while others I am tempted to delete.It seems as though we never expect the fireworks to be that great every year. As we live in a small city though, they probably aren’t very good compared to other, larger productions. This year I was very happy with them though! Throughout the show we always say “Oh this must be the finale now” and when its not two minutes later we say it again. And we say this even if its the crappiest set of fireworks. This year though, they really saved all their money for the finale! So much light, color, and sounds. Enjoyed it immensely! I think my favorite thing within the photos is not the fireworks themselves but, the plumes of smoke. You don’t particularly notice the smoke while watching with your own eyes but in these photos it adds an interesting aspect. My favorite photo out of the bunch. Quite accidental too.I took nearly 200 photographs in the 15 minutes that this fireworks show was held. I’m rather surprised, really. It didn’t seem like that many as I was clicking away! I’m hoping for another chance to take more photos of fireworks in Vancouver, at their Celebration of Light. So excited for it! Now all I have to do is convince my dad and we’re on our way!


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